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When implemented properly, a well managed Pay-per-Click campaign can result in your conversion rate rising considerably and your returns soaring to new heights.

PPC Management – How does it work?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a bold marketing technique which can bring instant rewards and a high ROI if conducted and regulated in an innovative and well managed manner. 

PPC can swiftly attract new customers to your business and could also have a huge impact on its global reputation. The complicated nature of pay-per-click however means that it can be supremely hard to produce meaningful results, a there are a number of different parameters that must be regulated and monitored in order to ensure that you are getting value for your money during the campaign.

Our results driven team of marketing specialists have a wealth of experience planning and running PPC campaigns, and as such are hugely knowledgeable about which metrics need to be optimised in order to attain the largest possible ROI. Successful and profitable campaigns are reliant on targeting the right keywords, producing detailed reports on the daily performance of ranging metrics and bidding at competitive rates at all times, and our specialists will make sure that all of these are provided for you so that you obtain a high return in the most cost effective way possible.

We will also supplement your PPC campaign with an adept onsite and off-site strategy that will optimised so that it is supremely clinical at converting users of your site. We will ensure that all aspects of your marketing strategy work together so your company begins to generate a buzz, your rankings subsequently soar and your authority in your industry is enhanced immeasurably. PPC Campaigns researched thoroughly and managed adeptly to induce maximum return for the lowest possible outlay.

An important part of your Pay-Per-Click campaign is how thoroughly we analyse your existing search terms, because it is imperative that we only choose to target keywords in your campaign that have proven in the past to draw the great level of traffic and bring the most new users to your web pages. As such, we will research and identify the local and keywords which are specifically relevant to your industry and have the highest conversion rates, to help you acquire a high level of traffic with the lowest amount of competition. Performing this research adeptly will lay solid foundations for the rest of your campaign, and will leave you in a strong position to acquire the highest level of site visitors who will have been narrowed down to potential converters through the PPC process.

Unlimited Potentialities

Pay-Per Click can result in the level of traffic that a business receives rising immeasurably, their online conversion rates being optimised and company revenue soaring through the roof.

Analytical Approach

Every aspect of the campaign, from the cost per click to the click through rate on your keywords will be optimised in order to maximise the cost effectiveness of your strategy and return the greatest possible return on investment with the minimum initial outlay.


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Targeted Marketing

A PPC campaign can be specifically targeted at pre-determined areas in the country so that you are only spending money promoting your product to audiences that are aware of your brand or have a vested interest in your industry. Moreover, you can target specific keywords so your site visitors are narrowed down to people that you believe are genuinely interested in purchasing your product, and we will ensure that your conversion metrics are optimised so that you receive maximum return on your investment.

Visibility Improvement

A well-managed PPC campaign will significantly enhance the number of visitors to your site each day, and this increased interaction and popularity of your business will result in its visibility on search engines improving. Over time, this will have a huge impact on the overall brand awareness of your business, and should expansion your customer base from your new-found authority within your industry.


It’s easy. You outline how much you want to spend on your campaign, we’ll bring you a return on your investment. As with all aggressive marketing campaigns, the more you spend, the more you stand to make, but we promise that whatever the budget you wish to assign to PPC, we will optimise all the metrics so that you are returned maximal earnings from your investment.

Metric Optimisation

We will meticulously analyse all the metrics of your campaign and update them appropriately so that your cost-per-click on your chosen keywords is kept to a minimum, and subsequently your click through rate is optimised so that you acquire the highest return possible, for a minimal outlay.

Rapid Traffic Regeneration

If conducted in a well structured and innovative manner, a PPC campaign will result in the number of visitors to your site rising considerably and the quantity of converting customers soaring, because the strategy would have filtered down your audience to those who are interested in your product and thus most likely to make a purchase.

Campaign Testing Platform
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A PPC campaign is an excellent and inexpensive way for you to test the effectiveness of different metrics of your marketing campaign, such as the performance of specific landing pages and keywords.

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Multi-Channel Funnel Reporting

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Multi-Channel Funnel reporting is a device that it utilised to illustrate the collective way in which alternating marketing strategies supplement each other to incur a high level of conversions. The procedure has only recently started to be used by marketing specialists, and its success is hugely dependent on how well goal tracking and conversion analytics are used. The strongest merit of Multi-Channel Funnel Reporting is that you will be able to thoroughly assess how effective each component of your marketing campaign has been at inducing conversions, so that you can make inroads into areas where the reporting has shown you need to improve and apply proven strategies more frequently to maximise your return on investment. Due to the actuality that Multi-Channel Funnel reporting can help improve every aspect of your campaign, is in integral that it is implemented properly, and will make sure that happens so that you are achieving this at all times.

Cost-Per-Click Optimisation

After we have finished the query research phase of your campaign, we’ll then analyse the patterns of ranging keywords and assesses the successful strategies that your competitors have adopted within their own PP campaigns. This will allow us to strategically bid on appropriate search terms so that we can acquire the highest possible return on investment from minimal expenditure.

Click-Through-Rate Optimisation

An integral part of any PPC campaign is to constantly monitor and optimise your adverts click through rate. This information can then be utilised to economise spending on keywords that have poor conversion rates and use the savings to spend on other keywords that have been identified as being superior at drawing traffic and inducing larger returns. Ensuring that you are targeting and spending on the most cost-effective keywords at all times is important to achieve an optimal click through rate in your campaign, and this will ultimately reflect on the returns you see from your investment.

Quality Score Optimisation

Your quality score is given to you by Google and is an indicator of how adeptly you are promoting your website. In simple terms, the more relevant your keywords are to the product you are promoting, the higher your quality score will be. There are a multitude of merits to having a high quality score, with the most important being that you will be able to acquire lower cost clicks and a top ranking for your paid advertisements.

  • KPI Identification
    We will also collectively identity the Key Performance Indicators you wish to attach to your campaign. These are hugely important as they are the markers we will use throughout your campaign to effectively assess how well each element is performing. From the KPI’s, we can then make appropriate changes to aspects of your campaign that are not performing well enough, and can optimise other areas so that you stand to gain the highest possible return at all times.
  • Reputation Audit
    In order to ensure that your campaign is a success from start to finish, we will first need to consult with you in detail in order to collectively determine who you are looking to target your campaign towards, how much you want to spend, and what you are looking to gain from the marketing strategy. Your audit will be provided to you free of charge, and we will use it as an opportunity to determine which keywords you want to target and how we can tailor your site to give you the best possible chance of converting visitors to your pages. If you have any existing PPC campaigns that are ongoing, we will also undertake a comprehensive analysis of its performance of each one of its metrics so that we can supplement your new campaign and give you the best chance of success. We pride ourselves on the care that we take right from the offset of a marketing campaign, so rest assured that we will be meticulous with our research and thorough in our planning so that each and every intricacy is addressed and optimised to achieve maximum return on your investment.
  • Google Analytics
    Our veteran marketing specialists are hugely experienced at using Google Analytics and will instigate a tracking and sales funnel monitoring for your disposal so that you have a better idea of the patterns and behavioural trends that your site users exhibit. • Tracking + sale funnel creation • Google Analytic management • Site visitor trend assessment
  • Sophisticated Traffic Segmentation
    In order to ascertain which keywords are inducing the largest return on investment, our specialists will incorporate PPC tracking within Google Analytics for you, so that your conversion rates are optimised and your traffic is clinically turned into paying customers. • Optimised conversion rates for targeted keywords • Maximum ROI for minimum outlay • Effective targeting.
  • Web Page Tagging
    During your campaign, we will ensure that each on-site web page is tagged with a unique identifier so that you can always assess the effectiveness of each component separately and identify which ones are inducing the largest return on investment. This will also assist us when trying to optimise your campaign, as will be able to separate the different effects that each of your individual, Google Analytic based marketing campaigns are having. The tagging procedure is vital for optimising your campaign, and will mean that it will be substantially simpler to identify which aspects need to be improved when it comes to your quarterly review in the future.
  • Reputation Protection Plan
    An important aspect to all flourishing business partnerships is making sure that the other party is delivering on your money, and we will ensure that you are always confident of this by supplying you with a weekly progression report that outlines how well each element of your marketing campaign is performing. The reports will contain information about the patterns and behavioural trends that your users are displaying, as well as a number of researched suggestions ideas about where you can make changes and improvements to your campaign to improve your ROI.

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