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Are you seeking to take your levels of revenue to new heights? Do you desire to spread the word of your brand around the globe? Want to become more clinical at converting visitors to your online site? 

Free SEO audit - How does it work?

Take advantage of our limited time free SEO audit will see us evaluate every aspect of your existing marketing endeavours, outline where you can improve, and devise the optimal business strategy for you in the future, so that you can obtain the highest possible return on your money. 

Your SEO Audit

Whilst performing your SEO audit, We’ll dissect and analyse every aspect of your existing site and marketing campaigns, so that you can identify which keywords and pages are attracting the most attention, which ones aren’t, and apply your successful methods across your site. Moreover, we’ll undertake a comprehensive assessment of the keywords you are attempting to target at present, identify which ones are converting well, and outline a series of measures you can take to ensure a top page ranking for all your desired search phrases. After we have done a  comprehensive evaluation of your current marketing endeavours, we’ll produce a full report on our findings, including where you can improve, a number of innovative ideas about what you can do in the future, and how you can optimise your conversion rate, to achieve maximum revenue levels for your business. 

The first stage when undertaking your audit is analysing the effectiveness of the current keywords you are using on each of your websites pages. We will ascertain which ones are the most cost-effective and are bringing the highest return on investment, and will remove those that are proving to be a costly waste of time. 

Alongside the analysis of your own keywords, we will also look at the performance of the keywords that your competitors are utilising in their own SEO campaigns, so we can include these in yours and devise your own optimised strategy that will result in your soaring above them in the search rankings. Get in contact with us today and provide us with information about your site and its keywords to obtain your free SEO report.

An Analytical Approach

Every intricacy and fine detail of your upcoming marketing campaign assessed, researched and planned to produce the optimum strategy for maximum business generation.

Keyword Targeting

We will evaluate the already existing on-site keywords on your site, to see which are the most important. We also assess the competitors keywords to see who they are targeting


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Link Profile Audit

During your audit, we will closely look at all links that are going to and from your site at present, because having a number of bad links associated with your page is a recipe for being penalised and dispatched to the bottom of the ranking pages. We will include proposals about how you can acquire organic links, which party's you should consider contacting to establish a mutual linking partnership for authority enhancement, and which links you should remove immediately in order to give your site the best chance of obtaining and retaining a top page ranking.

Site Analysis

We will meticulously break down and analyse each element of your existing site, marketing campaign and social media strategy, so that we can clearly comprehend where you need to improve, where you need to scale back your endeavours and where you need to start placing more money into for maximum return on investment. We will look at the current keywords you are targeting and ascertain which ones are garnering the most traffic, and which ones are a costly waste of time. Moreover, we will evaluate your social media strategy to see how you can generate more of a buzz around your business and spread awareness and appreciation of your product all over the globe

Competitor Research

We will also closely monitor the different elements of your direct competitors marketing campaigns, and look at the measures they have taken to get themselves to where they are. This includes analysing the keywords they have chosen, determining which marketing ploys have worked best for them and dissecting their social media profiles to see how they have gone about establishing a loyal following. We will then incorporate these into your own strategy, so that you surpass the rest in your industry and stand out from the crowd.

Completely Free
Complimentary Audit

We provide all of our clients with a free SEO audit so that they are given a clear indication of how effective their site is at present at attracting and converting visitors, which measures they can take to optimise their return on investment, and which components of their site are currently inhibiting their success, all without them having to break the bank at all.

Search Engine Visibility Audit

We will closely look at all of the significant parameters of your existing SEO campaign, such as how visible you currently are for the keywords you are targeting at present. We will then include a series of ideas within your audit about which measures you can take to improve your visibility, and ensure that you are the most visited site within your niche

Website Technical Audit

We will evaluate the technical aspects of your site, such as the way it is coded and designed, so that we can provide you with a number of suggestions about which measures to take in order to maximise its performance.

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Content Assessment


The value of having high quality, engaging content on all of your on-site pages is immeasurable, and we will dissect the composition, presentation and effectiveness of all writing on your site to make sure that they are contributing positively to your existing marketing campaign. This includes looking at how many visitors they draw a day, which pages are better at converting than others, how changes on a certain page make them superior to another and which keywords are generating the most business. Your SEO report will then contain a number of proposals about which keywords to change and which to keep, to make your new campaign as cost-effective as possible. We are also aware that in the marketing world of today, having a page full of keywords isn’t sufficient to achieve a top page ranking; having engaging quality that is well written is of paramount importance for doing so because it illustrates to search engines that your site is popular and by extension an authority within its niche. Your report will contain a number of ideas about how you can improve the style of your content, and where you should put it out social media circles, so you acquire the highest level of traffic and generate a buzz about your business around the globe.

Conversion Analysis

All measures that are taken to improve the level of traffic to your site and enhance brand awareness will ultimately be fruitless if your website cannot convert regular visitors and users. As such, we will analyse the different parameters associated with drawing conversions, such as keywords, content, presentation and SEO marketing, in order to create a series of proposals that detail you on how you can optimise your on-site pages to achieve maximum return on investment.

How interesting and engaging are the content and appearance of your onsite pages?

Are all the sections of your pages that you wish people to click on visible and easily navigated?

What actions do you want your visitors to take once they have entered onto your site?

Structural Evaluation

An important area that we will take into consideration is how to optimise the structure of your existing website so that it generates higher levels of traffic and maximum return on investment. We will identity and remove all broken links on our web pages and will ensure that each and every one of your Meta Data, Header and Alt Tags are appropriately positions so that the appearance of your site is improved and more effective at converting.
We will then give provide you with your free SEO audit report, which will include a number of measures that you should take to redesign and restructure your website so that its ranking improves. Google are famous for dissecting companies onsite pages when considering which ranking to assign to them, analysing how adeptly they are structured and determining how easy they are to navigate and read, because these are factors that illustrate how useful a page is for people who visit the site.

Onsite Page Optimisation

We will evaluate how adept your on-site pages are at engaging their target audience and how easy they are to use for visitors. We will identify and remove any places where Alt Tags have been erroneously placed or images have been inserted incorrectly. You will then be given a number of suggestions about the modifications you could make to each page individually to improve its conversion rate and make it more users friendly.
Optimising every one of the pages on your site is imperative to obtaining a top page ranking for each of the keywords you want to rank for, and it is astonishing how big an impact a simple change to page can have on your overall ranking. Your Free SEO Audit will provide you with a plethora of alternating proposals about which measures you could take to raise the standard of your onsite pages, so that you are well placed to achieve a supremely high conversion rate from all the people who visit your site.

  • KPI Identification
    We will also collectively identity the Key Performance Indicators you wish to attach to your campaign. These are hugely important as they are the markers we will use throughout your campaign to effectively assess how well each element is performing. From the KPI’s, we can then make appropriate changes to aspects of your campaign that are not performing well enough, and can optimise other areas so that you stand to gain the highest possible return at all times.
  • Reputation Audit
    In order to ensure that your campaign is a success from start to finish, we will first need to consult with you in detail in order to collectively determine who you are looking to target your campaign towards, how much you want to spend, and what you are looking to gain from the marketing strategy. Your audit will be provided to you free of charge, and we will use it as an opportunity to determine which keywords you want to target and how we can tailor your site to give you the best possible chance of converting visitors to your pages. If you have any existing PPC campaigns that are ongoing, we will also undertake a comprehensive analysis of its performance of each one of its metrics so that we can supplement your new campaign and give you the best chance of success. We pride ourselves on the care that we take right from the offset of a marketing campaign, so rest assured that we will be meticulous with our research and thorough in our planning so that each and every intricacy is addressed and optimised to achieve maximum return on your investment.
  • Google Analytics
    Our veteran marketing specialists are hugely experienced at using Google Analytics and will instigate a tracking and sales funnel monitoring for your disposal so that you have a better idea of the patterns and behavioural trends that your site users exhibit. • Tracking + sale funnel creation • Google Analytic management • Site visitor trend assessment
  • Sophisticated Traffic Segmentation
    In order to ascertain which keywords are inducing the largest return on investment, our specialists will incorporate PPC tracking within Google Analytics for you, so that your conversion rates are optimised and your traffic is clinically turned into paying customers. • Optimised conversion rates for targeted keywords • Maximum ROI for minimum outlay • Effective targeting.
  • Web Page Tagging
    During your campaign, we will ensure that each on-site web page is tagged with a unique identifier so that you can always assess the effectiveness of each component separately and identify which ones are inducing the largest return on investment. This will also assist us when trying to optimise your campaign, as will be able to separate the different effects that each of your individual, Google Analytic based marketing campaigns are having. The tagging procedure is vital for optimising your campaign, and will mean that it will be substantially simpler to identify which aspects need to be improved when it comes to your quarterly review in the future.
  • Reputation Protection Plan
    An important aspect to all flourishing business partnerships is making sure that the other party is delivering on your money, and we will ensure that you are always confident of this by supplying you with a weekly progression report that outlines how well each element of your marketing campaign is performing. The reports will contain information about the patterns and behavioural trends that your users are displaying, as well as a number of researched suggestions ideas about where you can make changes and improvements to your campaign to improve your ROI.

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